We’re glad you’re here!

This ministry exists to help you share the message of the Gospel with your family, friends and others in a biblical, effective way – the way Jesus did!

Check out the Missions and Evangelism Training areas for when we will be in your community or traveling to a country you are called to take the Truth to!

Access to dozens of schools

and their thousands of students

makes sharing the Truth simple and easy

Talking to students one-on-one

is a great way to build relationships

and share the Gospel.

Our partnerships with schools enable us

to reach children and youth directly in

an intimate classroom environment.

These kids not only enjoy our time

together, they share openly and are

ready to receive the Gospel.

Speaking at school assemblies and

even holding worship services in outdoor

centers hosting thousands is just one more

tool we use to reach the lost.

Get your copy of Wesley’s latest book – Everything I Learned About Christianity I Learned From My Dogs: Discipleship from a Sinless example

A light-hearted look at discipleship from the example of faithful dogs. It helps answer questions about faith for some and provides examples of what true faith looks like for others. Most of all it is about improving one’s faith with a splash of amusing dog stories.